July Scrapbooking Workshop

Last night I held my monthly scrapbooking workshop. We get together at my house and at each workshop I provide the ladies with new ideas, crop talks (scrapbooking handouts) and gifts. I have lots Creative Memories products on display that my ladies are welcome to purchase. At … Continue reading

Beach Scrapbooking Page

Yesterday I had great intentions of getting lots of scrapbooking done. With kids home on school holidays I don’t know what I was thinking! Oscar had a friend over and Layla was having a play at a friend’s house. Once … Continue reading

Why I became a Creative Memories Consultant

I have been scrapbooking for nearly 8 years and I have one person to thank for that, my good friend Nat. When I was teaching year 1 I taught her daughter and she asked me along to one of her workshops. … Continue reading

Scrapbooking is my life!

I now know that I am a scrapbooking junkie because my kids now say ‘scrapbooking’ instead of ‘cheese’ when I take a photo of them. But I have to say they love looking through my albums and I love seeing their reactions each time they turn the page! They get so excited remembering all the special events and memories we have shared together.

A few weeks ago I held two Mother’s Day Kids Workshops. I know I’m crazy! I held the second workshop because the first one overflowed with numbers. The children completed a ‘Simply Said Book’ by Creative Memories for their mums or grandmothers. The workshops were a hit and I’ve since received lots of positive feedback from parents. When setting up for the workshops I displayed a few of my albums for parents to have a look through. At the end of one of the workshops I could see a few children gathered around my display. I walked over to see Miss Layla turning each page and telling all the children about the stories in our albums. At the time I did not think much of it, but once everyone had left and I was packing away I stopped and thought – that is the reason why scrapbooking is my life. It’s my gift to them (my kids)!