Thermomix Nougat Recipe

Today I made Nougat for the first time. The reason for making the nougat is actually for another recipe I want to try called Thermomade Toblerone by The Road to Loving my Thermomix. This nougat was so easy to make and delicious … Continue reading

Thermofest In South Africa!

You’re probably thinking what is Thermofest? Last year Thermomix Australia launched Thermofest 2014 and at the launch it was revealed that it was going to be hosted in Sun City South Africa.  As a Thermomix consultant I needed to qualify to earn a place for a trip to … Continue reading

Thermomix Shopping List for New Owners

Here is a shopping list for new Thermomix customers. I have combined a few lists I found on various Thermomix related websites: ThermoFun, Thermomix Recipe Community & Simone’s Thermomix Essentials. This list will allow you to make endless variations of … Continue reading

Layla’s Mermaid Party

Just before Christmas we celebrated Layla’s sixth birthday. She was looking forward to having a friends party this year (we alternate every year) so she decided on a Mermaid theme.  Here are a few photo’s from Layla’s special day! Invitations I created … Continue reading

Christmas Teacher Gift’s

Please forgive me I begun to write this at the end of last year and didn’t get around to publishing it. I have decide to publish it anyway as a reminder for next year! This year each of my children’s … Continue reading

Zucchini & Feta Tart Thermomix Recipe

A quick and easy tart I adapted from my Vegetable & Feta Tart recipe.   What You Need 1 qty short crust pastry (from everyday cookbook) or shop bought short crust pastry 1 zucchini cut into ribbons 1 spring onion … Continue reading

Watermelon Crush Thermomix Recipe

Crushed! Ever have that moment when you manage to escape from the big Food Shopping expedition without any demands for chocolate or Lollies from the kids? But then from 100 meters away they spot it. #BOOSTJUICE! Yep that seemingly healthy … Continue reading

Vegetable & Feta Tart Thermomix Recipe

What You Need 400g pumpkin cut into 4cm cubes 100g zucchini cut into 4cm cubes 30g olive oil ½ tsp sea salt plus extra to sprinkle onto pumpkin & zucchini 2 large red onions sliced into rings Handful of English … Continue reading

Strawberry Jam Thermomix Recipe

On the weekend I went to our local growers market and I picked up a tray of yummy strawberries. So what does one do with so many strawberries. Make strawberry jam of course! I experimented with few Thermomix recipes and came … Continue reading