Layla’s Mermaid Party

Just before Christmas we celebrated Layla’s sixth birthday. She was looking forward to having a friends party this year (we alternate every year) so she decided on a Mermaid theme.  Here are a few photo’s from Layla’s special day! Invitations I created … Continue reading

Flash Back – Space Party

Since beginning this blog I have had a lots of positive feedback. Thanks! I am really enjoying sharing my ideas and it’s always wonderful to hear that I may have inspired someone out there to do something creative. I also get asked a … Continue reading

Planning a small party!

We are having a small family gathering for Dave’s birthday this weekend. We have 32 people including children coming for breakfast, our immediate family and Dave’s best friend. Yes I did say small gathering! When I have people over, I go into party plan mode or as Dave likes to call it ‘Stress Mode’. I like to make sure that everything is organised and runs smoothly that way I can enjoy myself too. This is how I plan a small event…

  1. Send out invitation – usually via sms.
  2. Plan the menu – Nibbles, mains, dessert and of course the cake. I also list any dishes that the wonderful women in my family offer to bring along to share the load (this is a great help!)
  3. Create a shopping list – I double check my pantry/fridge to ensure I’m not running low on anything.
  4. Shop
  5. The day before I bake and prepare any food that I can.
  6. Set up – I like things to look nice and effortless. So setting the tables beforehand allows me to take a little more care rather than rushing at the last minute.
  7. On the day I organise and prepare any last minute things – food prep, ice for drinks ect.

Today is preparation day. It’s time for me to get baking!