Granola (Thermomix)

Very Vanilla Yoghurt (Thermomix)

Sauces / Dips / Spreads

Chilli Cheese Cob Dip   (Thermomix & Conventional)

Chilli Jam (Thermomix & conventional)

French Onion Dip (Conventional)

Strawberry Jam (Thermomix )

Starters / Sides / Nibbles

Mini Quiche (Conventional)

Stuffed Potatoes (Conventional)

Tuna & Vegie Fritters (Conventional)

Zucchini Slice (Conventional)


Pulled Pork Recipe (Conventional)

Samantha’s Thermomix Hamburger Patties (Thermomix)

Vegetable & Feta Tart  (Thermomix)

Zucchini & Feta Tart (Thermomix)


Amazeballs Thermomix Recipe (Thermomix)

Banana Cake (Thermomix & Conventional)

Birthday Butter Cake Recipe (Thermomix)

Caramel Slice (Thermomix)

Chocolate Slice (Conventional)

Chocolate Cupcakes (Conventional)

Chocolate Brownies (Thermomix & Conventional)

Cupcake (Conventional)

Cupcake Cookies (Conventional)

Date & Walnut Slice (Thermomix)

German Apple & Pear Cake (Thermomix & Conventional)

Ghost Meringues (Thermomix & Conventional)

Italian Almond Biscuits (Thermomix)

Lemon Loaf (Thermomix)

Mini Pineapple and Carrot Cakes (Conventional)

Pineapple Coconut Slice (Conventional)

Pool Party Brownies (Thermomix & Conventional)

Red Velvet Cake (Conventional)

Red Cupcakes (Thermomix & Conventional)

Rocking Rhubarb Cake (Thermomix)

Sticky Date Cakes (Conventional)

Triple Choc Muffins (Thermomix & Conventional)

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes (Thermomix & Conventional)

Sweets / Desserts

Caramel Popcorn (Conventional)

Candy Cane Oreo Pops (Conventional)

Candy Cane Peppermint Truffles (Thermomix)

Christmas Pudding (Conventional)

Easter Egg Nests (Thermomix)

Jelly Slice (Conventional)

Homemade LCM’s (Conventional)

Honeycomb & Mango Ice-cream (Thermomix & Conventional)

Mango Passionfruit & Coconut Ice Cream Cake (Thermomix)

Marshmallow Pops   (Thermomix & Conventional)

No bake Chocolate Hedgehog (Conventional)

No Bake Lemon & Coconut Balls (Thermomix & Conventional)

Peach & Raspberry Tart with Mango Coulis (Conventional)

Pancakes (Thermomix & Conventional)

Tea Cup Biscuits (Conventional)

Thermomix Nougat Recipe (Thermomix)


Hot Chocolate (Thermomix)

Refreshing Ice Tea (Conventional)

Watermelon Crush Thermomix Recipe (Thermomix)

Recipe Compilations

Christmas Recipe List for your Thermomix

Easter Recipe List for your Thermomix

Easter Sweets and Treats (Conventional)

Lunchbox Thermomix Recipe Ideas

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