Very Vanilla Yoghurt Thermomix Recipe

A few months ago my gorgeous friend Matija and I had a cooking day together. She wanted to see how I make yoghurt in the Thermomix. So I teased her by showing her the auto function on the TM5 where I throw all the ingredients in and turn the dial. She was immediately jealous! But I also showed her how to make it in the TM31. Matija has had great success making yoghurt ever since. She has played with the recipe and come up with a yummy Very Vanilla Yoghurt recipe, that she is happy for me to share.

Very Vanilla Yoghurt Thermomix Recipe - The Creative Mummy

What You Need

800g full cream milk

50g full cream milk powder

100g whipping cream

40g caster sugar (can be less)

50g vanilla essence

120g pot set natural yoghurt

What To Do

1. Place milk, milk powder, cream, sugar and vanilla in bowl and blend for 10 seconds on speed 7.

2. Cook for 30 minutes at 90deg on speed 1. Allow to cool to 37deg. This will take around 30-45minutes. Remove skin from the top (a few times is needed) Place bowl back on machine till the mix returns to 37deg.

3. Add the pot set yoghurt. Gently blend for 4 seconds on speed 4.

4. Cook for 20 minutes at 37deg on speed 1.

5. Whilst yoghurt is cooking, pour boiling hot water into glass jar and thermoserver to make warm. Remove water. Once yoghurt is cooked, pour immediately into jar, wrap in a tea towel and place in thermoserver in a cupboard for around 8 hours. It must remain undisturbed. Place in fridge and allow to cool before enjoying.

6.  Don’t forget to keep 120g of yoghurt for the next batch you make.


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