What I’m cooking!

As a Thermomix consultant I ask my new Thermomix owners to send me some photos of their yummy creations.

Likewise I also get asked to share some of my creations.

So when I have remembered I have taken photos of some of the things I have made over the past week.

I often post photos on my Facebook Page and Instagram so be sure to follow me on there too.

Just so you don’t freak out, I had a big lunch to celebrate Dave & Molly’s birthdays on the weekend so this is not a normal week of cooking in my Thermomix!


Thermomade Toblerone

by The Road to Loving my Thermomix


Milo Biscuits

by Thermomix Recipes


Beetroot Salad Jazzed Up!

EDC pg 88


Breakfast Bars

Cooking For You and Me pg 20


Lemon Butter

EDC pg 47


I piped Lemon Butter into bought tart cases.


Chicken Rendang

For Food Sake by Tenina


 Sticky Pan-fried Scallops, steamed rice &  Broccolini

30 min Meals Jamie Oliver pg 152

(I cooked rice and steamed broccoli in my Thermomix while pan-frying scallops)


Freeform Cheesecake

In the Mix 2 Dani Valent pg 187

(I didn’t make this one my Group Leader Jo made it for us at our  Thermomix team meeting –

That’s how we roll at our Thermomix meetings!!! Mmmm)


Roasted Vegies and Pearl Couscous Salad

(My own recipe!)


Raspberry & Almond Meringue Cake

For Food Sake Tenina pg 139

photo 3

Lime Mousse Pie

For Food Sake Tenina pg 137

photo 4

I would love to hear about what your creating in your Thermomix! Please feel free to post some photos on my Facebook Wall.





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