Thermomix Nougat Recipe

Today I made Nougat for the first time. The reason for making the nougat is actually for another recipe I want to try called Thermomade Toblerone by The Road to Loving my Thermomix. This nougat was so easy to make and delicious I had to share it!

Thermomix Nougat - The Creative Mummy

Here is the recipe I used (it was recommended by The Road to Loving my Thermomix)


Homemade Nougat 

by Janice Edwards (Thermomix Recipe Community)


What You Need

Body of Nougat

1 egg white

400 g honey

Contents of Nougat

200 g nuts of your choice, Pistachio, almond, macadamia etc all work well

50 g white cooking chocolate, optional to make it more chewy

2 to 4 piece confectionary rice paper

What To Do

1 – 1 egg white – 2 sec, speed 2,

2 – Add 400 grams honey, then put butterfly in, 60 mins, 100 degrees, Speed 2, leave MC off!

3 -Take butterfly out, add in 200 grams of nut mixture*, stir in with spatula

4 – On a flat tray, place a piece of baking paper, then a sheet of rice paper* down, spoon mixture liberally over rice paper.

5 – Place another piece of rice paper on top, followed by a piece of baking paper and roll out to desired thickness.

6 – Let set in fridge for approximately half an hour then slice up, trimming all edges first, then into 2-3cm strips.


*Nut mixture – Can be anything you want really – pistachios, almonds, ginger, hazelnuts, glazed cherries and more, or even a mixture of many of these. Make sure you slightly toast your nut selection first before adding to mixture.

* To make the nougat more soft and chewy in my nut mixture I add 50grams of white cooking chocolate.

*Rice paper, make sure you get the ‘sweet’ one, not the one used for spring rolls, it is a rough paper feel to it, and can be found in some fruit markets (Minchinbury Fruit market is where I get mine) or Asian grocer.





5 thoughts on “Thermomix Nougat Recipe

  1. Well, that sounds almost too easy! And completely delicious. Forget all that frigging around with thermometers and hand mixers. It would be a big hit on a cake stall! (Sitting here printing price lists for the school’s senate election day cake stall!)

  2. Reblogged this on Ladle & Spade and commented:
    Goodness me, this is a must for those wanting to tailor make their own nougat. I tried this today with rice malt syrup instead of honey. It was too much for my Thermomix right at the end, and turned out quite difficult to chew, so I suggest cooking to 50 mins and keep checking. I will go to 55mins max next time. It made a huge mess of my bowl, blade and butterfly, but I dumped it all in a sink of hot water and the nougat came off without any problem. I’m aiming to make the nougat chocolate for Easter. It’s not very sweet with the rice malt syrup, but sweet enough for me. I’m so glad I found this recipe.

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