Thermofest In South Africa!

You’re probably thinking what is Thermofest? Last year Thermomix Australia launched Thermofest 2014 and at the launch it was revealed that it was going to be hosted in Sun City South Africa.  As a Thermomix consultant I needed to qualify to earn a place for a trip to South Africa. After lots of hard work and determination I made it. I stayed at The Palace of the Lost City which was absolutely stunning! It was a busy week full of conferences, cooking demonstrations, gala ball, team building, safari, special guest speakers and lots of food, fun and of course drinks! I had an amazing time, an experience I will never forget! Some of you may have seen some photos on The Creative Mummy Facebook page.  Here are some more…

Thermofest - The Creative Mummy

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Thank you to all my wonderful customers who helped me get there – you know who you are! And a big THANK YOU to Thermomix Australia!


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