Watermelon Crush Thermomix Recipe

Ever have that moment when you manage to escape from the big Food Shopping expedition without any demands for chocolate or Lollies from the kids?

But then from 100 meters away they spot it. #BOOSTJUICE!
Yep that seemingly healthy takeaway option that costs more than your morning coffee!

Don’t let the kids Crush you! Don’t Give in! The Creative Daddy has a quick answer. Just tell them you have already bought the boost juice and its in the fridge at home!

Here’s a quick, easy and cheaper alternative:

Watermelon Crush Thermomix Recipe - The Creative Mummy

1/2 a Watermelon (approx. 670 grams without the rind)
1/2 a Banana (65 grams)
1 Lemon or Lime (65 grams)
Handful of Basil leaves (or to taste)
Ice Cubes

Directions for Thermomix.
Take the rind off the watermelon & lemon, combine with all the other ingredients.
Blitz for 30 seconds on speed 10 or until it is smooth.
Pour & Serve.

The trick is to try and use Boost Juice cups that you have bought from previous trips! Not the cheap foam or paper cups. But the special plastic novelty ones that last forever.

Its a great Breakfast Juice for the big Kids too.

I hope you enjoy The Creative Daddy’s recipe.

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