Strawberry Jam Thermomix Recipe

On the weekend I went to our local growers market and I picked up a tray of yummy strawberries.

The Creative Mummy

So what does one do with so many strawberries. Make strawberry jam of course! I experimented with few Thermomix recipes and came up with my own!

Strawberry Jam Recipe - The Creative Mummy

Strawberry Jam

What You Need

500g Strawberries (washed and hulled)

200g raw sugar

1 vanilla bean, cut in pieces

What To Do

1. Place all ingredients into TM bowl and cook 40mins 100degrees Speed 1. With MC removed and TM basket on top.

2. Blend 30sec speed 6.

3. Check the consistency of the jam if it is still a little running cook for another 10min Varmoa Speed 1. Check again until you have reached the consistency that you like.

4. Place jam into a sterilised preserving jar.


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