New Beginnings!

At the beginning of this year I was at a cross roads as to what I was going to do once all my kids were in fulltime schooling! Ideally I would love to scrapbook, cook and craft all day but hey maybe one day! Molly has just started attending a 3 year old Kindy and before I know it she will be in pre-primary. In between having children I have been doing some relief teaching. I enjoyed the teaching but as I was having to juggle my own children with school pick up and drop off as well has having Molly babysat. I came to the realisation that it wasn’t going to work for our family!
I have recently purchased a Thermomix and was constantly raving to everyone I know about it. I have been converting recipes that I have pop up on my blog for my followers and whenever I had anyone over for a meal I would tell them all the things I made from my Thermomix.
One evening we had some friends over for dinner and as per usual I was raving about my Thermomix! Well I decided to demonstrate to my girlfriend and her husband how to make mango sorbet. While making it I said ‘I should start selling Thermomix’s’ and we all had a good laugh!
That week I had a phone call from my lovely Thermomix consultant thanking me for referring a friend who was wanting to purchase a Thermomix. She said that I should really consider selling them. I told her I was too busy and promised her that I would think about it. A week or so went by and I decided to go to a Thermomix business meeting there was no obligation to sign up as a consultant at the end of the evening. I walked out of the meeting thinking well I could do this! Luckily for me I have an amazing husband who always supports me in anything and everything that I do. So I signed up that week.
I have been a Thermomix consultant since March and I’m really enjoying the experience. I love cooking at demos and spreading my obsession I have with the Thermomix. I have met lots of interesting people and best of all it works really well with our family routine and lifestyle. The highlight of becoming a Thermomix consultant is amazing incentives and rewards I receive, not only do I often get Thermomix cookbooks and products I have also been given the opportunity to meet amazing chefs that are ambassadors for Thermomix like Nico Moretti & Louise Fulton -Keats. Thermomix has also just launched Thermofest 2014 and at the launch it was revealed that it was going to be hosted in Sun City South Africa. We will be staying at The Place of the Lost City – Absolutely stunning! At the moment I am working hard to earn my way to South Africa all expenses paid for. Watch out here I come!

The Creative Mummy

Photo: On the blog today... a note from Thermomix in South Africa!

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