Birthday Butter Cake Recipe

As promised here is my recipe I use when making my children’s birthday cakes. I have tried a few recipes and this one is my favourite. I have the Thermomix version of this recipe however it’s very easy to convert if you don’t own a Thermomix. I have also included a butter icing recipe.When making character and very detailed birthday cakes I like to use fondant icing rather than butter icing.  (Fondant was the icing I used for the Peppa Pig cake below.)

 Birthday Butter Cake Recipe - The Creative Mummy

Butter Cake

What You Need

240g Raw Sugar

190g butter cubed at room temp

1 tsp. of vanilla extract

3 eggs

340g SR flour

190g milk

What to do

1. Place sugar in TM bowl and mill for 5 sec speed 10.

2. Add butter and mix for 5 sec speed 6.

3. Scrape down sides. Insert butterfly and mix for 30sec speed 4.

4. Add vanilla extract and mix for another 30 sec. whilst this is on add eggs in through the hole of the lid. Until combined. Remove butterfly.

5. Add flour & milk mix on speed 5 for 15sec. Scrap sides down and mix for another 15 sec on speed 5.

6. Place batter in to a greased cake tin (22cm circle tin) place in oven 180c for 30 to 40 mins (or when cake tester comes out clean)

7.  The cake will rise to the top. Once cake has cooled, ice with butter icing.

Butter Icing

450g raw sugar

220g butter cubed at room temp

3 tbsp of milk

1. Mill sugar for 20sec speed 10. Scrape down sides and repeat.

2. Add butter and milk and mix for 20 sec speed 8.

3. Pipe or spread icing onto cake.


Here is a snap shoot of some of the many birthday cakes I have made…

Christmas Party - The Creative Mummy Lego Cake - The Creative Mummy

d  d

DSC_0722  Ironman

Thomas the tank d


Oscar the Gruch!  Buzz

23 thoughts on “Birthday Butter Cake Recipe

  1. Hi hon

    quick qn does this cake freeze well? would like to make a week in advance for sams birthday, do you think that would work ok?


    Sent from my iPad

  2. if you freeze this cake how long does it take to defrost and when do you ice it? ie butter icing before freezing and then fondant after – sorry very first cake…

    • I defrost cake the morning I’m going to ice the cake with butter icing or fondant. ( I usually decorate all my cakes the day before the party). If I’m going to cut a shape I find it is a nicer to cut while the cake is partially frozen. I also find that the fondant sticks to the cake nicely too. I hope that helps! Good luck and remember have fun!

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  4. I don’t know why but I have cooked this cake twice now and it has taken an hour and a half each time, What should I be doing?

    • Hi Natalie, there could be lots of factors your cake is taking longer to cook. All ovens are different, the size of the cake tin you use also can be a factor. This cake batter is a large quantity than most cakes. I’ve cooked this recipe many times in different size tins and the cooking time dose vary. I use a cake testing skewer to see if it’s cooked through. Hope that helps. Fran

      • Me too! My ingredients weren’t fridge cold but weren’t quite room temp. Hope it’s ready before school! I substituted the vanilla for raspberry essence and th mixture tasted beautiful! Can’t wait to try thank you

  5. Hi, This looks yummy and I like the idea of premaking the cake and freezing it. I will make this for my little man’s birthday next weekend.
    Could you please tell me what do you usually use between the fondant icing and this cake, and also in the middle of the cake?
    Thanks very much. Kylie

    • Hi Kylie. If I take the cake out of the freezer just before I decorate it I find the fondant tends to stick to it without using anything. If that doesn’t work I use jam! As for the centre I tend to keep it simple – butter icing or no filling at all. The reason being that if u put a cream filling you’ll need to refrigerate the cake but that will not work with fondant icing as is goes sticky and has a slight wet look to it. Hope that helps.

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  8. Hi
    Love your cakes !..& party ideas…just quick Qn ..what do you use to cover your cake boards ?…I noticed you use different colours depending on cake decoration …I normally use tin foil but was wanting to use a yellow base on cake board ..

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