Play Date Ideas

July school holidays are usually cold and wet. So we tend to stay indoors and have lots of play dates.  Here is one idea that I love to do when having other children over for a play date.

Decorating cupcakes its easy and fun for all ages.

I pre bake cupcakes and simply make some butter icing and provide a selection of toppings to decorate their cupcake.



Layla having fun decorating her cupcake.

Play Date Ideas - The Creative Mummy

The finished product!

We were also invited to a friends home and the kids made their own cookies. The lovely mum (you know who you are!) made the cookie dough and the kids got to roll it out and use lots of different cookie cutters to create their own cookies. She baked them and they ate them for morning tea! They loved it!

I would love to hear your play date ideas. Please share.

3 thoughts on “Play Date Ideas

  1. Hi Creative Mummy….We are an avid follower of yours and love all your ideas ! We particularly love this latest one. Decorating parties is what we do best at Cupcakes for Cancer. Perhaps you could raise a few dollars at your next cupcake decorating day and teach the kids the joy of giving at the same time???

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