Refreshing Ice Tea Recipe

With this hot weather we are having here in Perth. It has been far to hot too have a hot cup of tea during the day. So I  have been on the hunt for a simple but refreshing Ice Tea recipe. My gorgeous friend gave me one of her favourite recipes.

Ice Tea Recipe - The Creative Mummy

Ice Tea


What you need

4 cups of boiling water

4 tea bags

1/4 cup mint

1/4 cup sugar

1 L of Raspberry & Cranberry Juice (Ocean Spray)


What to do

1. Place tea bags, sugar and half the mint in a large, heatproof jug. Add boiling water. Jiggle tea bags for 1 minute. Discard. Refrigerate tea until cold.

2. Divide chilled tea, raspberry & cranberry juice and remaining mint between 2 large carafes. Stir. Chill until ready to serve.

3. Half-fill each glass with tea. Add ice cubes. Serve iced tea immediately.



You can always add some frozen or fresh raspberries to the tea to add extra flavour!



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