My Top Tips for Getting Organised for School

The Creative Mummy

As most schools here in Perth are going back next week, here are my tips for getting you organised for a stress free start to the year!

Book List

We are really lucky to have an online service that we can order our school supplies/book list from and have them delivered to our home. However, the teacher in me knows to label everything, YES -everything! Each individual pencil, texta & crayon, rulers, library bags, art smocks and books. I do not contact any books as most teachers have book covers for workbooks which they then send home in the first few weeks to be contacted. This year I have purchased my children’s name, pencil & labels from Bright Star Kids  – have found them to be reasonable in price and very reliable.


I try to organise these at the end of the school year for the following year. Our school uniform shop is open the week before school goes back and weekly during the term so I can top up anytime. I also know that some larger schools require you to make an appointment at the beginning of the year to purchase uniforms. I like to purchase my kid’s school shoes in early January so I can guarantee we get the sizes we need.

Label Everything

Label ALL your child’s belongings including the school bags, lunch boxes, drink bottles, jumpers, socks and especially the school hat. As mentioned, I have iron on and stick on labels which I like, but a permanent laundry marker works just as well especially for more tricky items like hats and bags, and it’s quick and easy too. It’s also a good idea to talk to your children about being responsible for their own belongings and perhaps show them where the ‘lost property’ box is located at school.

Lunch Boxes

I love the Tupperware Sandwich Keeper Plus lunch boxes. They have four compartments and you don’t need to use any cling wrap. I have found Smash insulated lunchbox covers that fit perfectly at BIG W. As for what goes into the lunch boxes I try to mix it up where I can (however I have fussy eaters!) I like to bake weekly for lunches as well as after school snacks. I will often do a double batch and freeze. This helps me on those busy weeks!

The Creative Mummy

Make Lunches & Pack Bags the Night Before

I like to make my lunches the night before, get out uniform/clothes for the next day and ensure the school bag is ready and packed with homework, news or other items needed (eg. library bag). Being really organised helps the morning routine run smoothly.

Morning Routine

In our family we have established a great morning routine that allows us to get to school on time and happy! I have created a free printable Morning Routine Chart for our children this helps them know what they need to do in the mornings.

The Creative Mummy

Weekly Timetable

To help my children and myself know what’s happening each day of the week we use a weekly timetable. This includes the school program (eg library day, sport day, swimming day), as well as any after school activities. I have a Free Printable of our Weekly Timetable available.

The Creative Mummy

Homework / Paper work station

In order to keep up with all the school paper work, notes and homework I have a paper work station for each child. I have a magazine file/holder labelled for each child and when they come home with their notes, weekly homework and reading diary – this is where everything goes – it’s the kids IN BOX and we process it from here. It just ensures that I know I am on top of any communication from the school as well as what needs to be done for the week and returned to school.

The Creative Mummy

Hope these tips help. Let me know how you go!

4 thoughts on “My Top Tips for Getting Organised for School

  1. Love this post Fran, very useful expecially from an experienced Mummy like you.

    I would love to download the free printable Morning Routine Chart and Weekly Schedule but I am having trouble with the links. Any chance you could email them to me?

    Kristy x

    • Thanks Kristy. The links should take you to a pervious blog post. Once there you will see the link to download files – they are in blue coloured text.
      However, I will email them through to you. See you next week!

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