Oscar’s Christmas Day Accident!!

After what seemed to be a really busy lead up to Christmas I was so glad that the big day had finally arrived. Christmas day started really early – to be expected. We opened presents, went to church, had lunch with my side of the family and then dinner with Dave’s side of the family.

The Creative Mummy

The kids had a nap in the car on the way to dinner which was perfect, that way they were refreshed for dinner and they would enjoy the company of their cousins.

Well Oscar was having a blast until he got bitten by a bee so I got to put my recent First Aid techniques into practice and the sting didn’t seem to worry him at all. But then he decided I needed a little more practice with my First Aid and landed badly in the trampoline. He was coming down from a double jump and landed on his ankle OUCH! Well this time he cried and as a parent knows their own child’s cry I knew he was really hurt. We iced and elevated his ankle but the bruising and swelling was quite bad. I had a good feeling it was a fracture but Dave seems to think I always tend to over react as he believed it was a sprain or strain. So we decided to give him pain relief and keep icing the area on and off. We let him sleep it off and hoped that after a good night’s rest he would be all right. However the next morning he was hobbling around and still complaining that it hurt.

So off to PMH (Perth’s Children’s Hospital) we go. Oscar was seen to and x-rays were done. Well I was right he had fractured his ankle and he required a plaster.

The Creative Mummy

The Creative Mummy

The Creative Mummy

The Creative Mummy

The Creative Mummy

At first Oscar thought it was all really cool until he was told he wouldn’t be allowed to go in the water, ride a bike, go on the trampoline, ride his scooter or pretty much anything else for 4 to 6 weeks. Reality set in, the tears were wailing up in his eyes. My poor little man!

It was at that moment reality set in for me, Oh My Gosh what was I going to do to keep him occupied! Well it got more interesting because he was too young and not able to use crutches and he needs a wheelchair to get around! (We finally got rid of the pram out of my boot of my car and now this!)

The Creative Mummy

We need to go back next week to have the full plaster put on. At the moment it’s a half cast to allow the swelling to go down. Oscar is hoping that he can have a waterproof walking plaster for only 4 weeks – so am I!




When we went back to have the full plaster put on they did more X-rays which showed no sign of a fracture! Apparently it was an acute sprain (so Dave was right!!!) So thankfully the plaster was removed and no more wheelchair! How lucky for us!!!

7 thoughts on “Oscar’s Christmas Day Accident!!

    • Great idea. I will be running out of ideas. Today we have already got out water paints, coloured in Christmas puzzle activity, diary writing and created a multi story toy car garage with blocks and cardboard all before 12pm. It is going to be fun!

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