Christmas Pudding Recipe

With two weeks left of school we have Christmas party after Christmas party. Most of the time we are asked to bring a plate to share. Here is one of my favourites to bring along to kids Christmas parties. The best part is – No baking!

Christmas Puddings - The Creative Mummy

Christmas Puddings

1 packet of Arnott’s Royals chocolate biscuits

100g white chocolate (for melting)

Chocolate jaffas

Spearmint leaves lollies – cut in half    (Sometimes these can be hard to find – I get them from Target)


1. Melt white chocolate. I use my Tupperware Tupperwave Jug or you can use the double bowl method.

2. Once chocolate is melted place into a snaplock bag and seal. Cut the corner of the bag (you now have a piping bag!).

3. Pipe chocolate onto the top of the biscuit. Place Jaffa on top and spearmint leaves on either side of the Jaffa.




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