How to Make a Lego Pull String Pinata

This year Oscar had a Lego themed party and I was unable to find a Lego pinata here in the Australia and the shipping cost from US was more than the pinata itself. So I decided to make one.


  • Box
  • Packing Tape
  • Crepe Paper
  • Glue
  • Curling ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Ruler

How to make it

Using tape, seal the box.

Using a knife, cut a flap at the top and bottom of the pinata. (Cut a larger flap at the bottom)

To create the six 3D circle dots on Lego. Draw 6 circles (use outline of a glass) and 6 strips on cardboard. Cut them out.

Place the strip around circle and tape together.

Securely tape the circle.

Repeat for all 6 Lego spots

Using Crepe paper cover the box.

Cover each Lego spot. By cutting crepe paper into a large circle. Cut small slits around circle.

Using glue, cover the Lego spot.

Repeat with all six Lego spots.

At the base cut another trap door. Peirce a hole in the door and tie one piece of string. This piece of string will be the lucky one!

Attach other stings to the base using double-sided tape.

Cut small pieces of crepe paper and cover the base of the box.

Here is the finished product.

6 thoughts on “How to Make a Lego Pull String Pinata

  1. SO cute! My son is having a Lego party in a few weeks and I just started looking for Lego pinatas and a co-worker suggested I make one! I found your blog through a google search for ‘Lego Pinata’. Such a great idea! I can’t wait to get started on mine!

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