Our Family Holiday in Bali

Well I’m back!

We have spent the last week away in Bali. I haven’t been to Bali for 14 years and Its was Dave’s first time.  It was also our first trip flying overseas with three children. Well after a lot of planning and organization we were finally on our way. I was so glad to get on that plane and get to Bali for a well deserved break.

Once we arrived it was clear to see how much Bali has changed (for the better). I was so relived as I had concerns about going to Bali. Our villas at c2 residences were beautiful.  As we had a large group we had the whole property to ourselves. Dave and I scored the best bedroom of the villas as bedroom two was close by for the kids (one of the great advantageS of having three kids!) Our days involved lazing by the pool, massages, sipping cocktails, shopping, eating out at amazing restaurants, hanging out at Bali’s finest beach clubs and relaxing.

There were many highlights and fun times on our trip but it was extra special spending quality time with loved ones.

Here are some of the many photos I took.


After too many loads of washing and 3 hours of ironing that I still haven’t finished. I have been welcomed back to reality! However, I am now experiencing post holiday withdrawals to the point that I am currently looking at flights to go back to Bali.

3 thoughts on “Our Family Holiday in Bali

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