Oscar’s Lego Party – Part 2

Yesterday I posted about Oscar’s Lego Party ideas and decorations. I am now sharing the games and activities that we played at the party.


Suck the Lego – each child was give a plate with small Lego pieces, a cup and a straw. They had to use the straw to suck the Lego and place it into the cup. The person who had the most Lego pieces in the cup in one minute won a prize.

Lego Spoon Race – Like egg and spoon race but we replaced eggs with 4 small Lego pieces.

How many Lego’s in the jar? – Kids had to guess how many Lego pieces were in the jar. The person closes to the correct number won a prize.

Build the highest tower – Kids worked together with a partner to create the tallest tower in 10 minutes.


Lego Pinata – I made this pull string pinata. A ‘How to’ will be posted soon.

We hired a bouncy castle!

Oscar had a great day!

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3 thoughts on “Oscar’s Lego Party – Part 2

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