Our Fairy Garden

Yesterday was such a beautiful spring day we spent most of the afternoon in the backyard. Layla and I have been talking about creating a fairy garden for a while.  We have a large backyard with a great swing set and cubby (that Dave built), three chooks , a big veggie patch and lots of grass to kick a ball around.

At the beginning of the year we had a Backyard Designer come out and design a new layout for our backyard, that included a new alfresco area, garden beds and a pool. Part of this amazing design had to include area for a fairy garden I wanted to create for the girls. Well once we got the costing of the back yard revamp we have decided that it had to be done in a number of stages. So the fairy garden has been put on hold.

At the moment we have planted lots of strawberries in our veggie patch. They are clustered together and are growing very slowly. We have tasted two strawberries so far! Last week Oscar and Layla discovered these ‘magical stones’ on the side of our house. Layla was so excited because she thought these ‘magical stones’ would be perfect for our fairy garden. (The stones are white quarts – I think).

Yesterday while we were outside, I thought a temporary Fairy Garden would be perfect around our strawberry patches. Layla loved the idea. So off she went collecting the ‘magical stones’. Here is what we created.


The girls love it and Oscar thinks it’s pretty cool too! We will be added to our fairy garden so look out for updates as our garden grows.

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