Tea Cup Biscuits Recipe

My gorgeous God child is having her 4th birthday party today. She rang me during the week asking me if I would make some Tea cup biscuits for her party!

Of Course!

Tea Cup Biscuit Recipe

1 packet of  Arnott’s Tic Tock Biscuits

1 packet of Pascall Marshmallows

1 packet of Allen’s Freckles

1 packet of Lifesavers Musk, halved

2 tablespoons of Icing Sugar

Using a snap lock bag place icing sugar and a few drops of water and mix (make sure it’s not to runny). Cut the corner off the snap-lock bag. Now you have a piping bag!!!

Place biscuits, coloured side up, (the saucers) on a bench.

Place a dot of icing on the base of the marshmallows (the cups) and stick to the biscuits. Place another dot of icing on top of each marshmallow and place a Freckle on top.

Place a dot of icing on the cut surfaces of each Lifesaver half and stick it to the side for a cup handle.

Too cute for words.


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