Kids Job Charts

I don’t know about you but I feel like all I do is pick up after the kids. I think it’s important for kids to show responsiblity and understand that we are a family that work together as a team. So, to encourage the kids to help out around the house I created a job chart. I actually created two but the first one didn’t really work for us so I had to simplify it. One chart is more specific as to the type of jobs they require to do weekly. The other chart I created is a general job chart. I have attached copies of both for you to print.

Specific Job Chart

This chart is negotiated with each child as to what jobs they are expected to do each week. Of course, depending on their age and what they are also capable of doing. Here is an example of Oscar & Layla’s charts. At the end of each week if most jobs were done they would get $5 for school banking.

I have created a Jobs blank document for you to print and fill out.

General Job Chart

This chart is more flexible for us and works really well at the moment. Any jobs they do they get to colour in a sea creature. Once all creatures are coloured in they get $5 for school banking. I have added more creature to Oscar’s chart as he is older than Layla.

Here is a copy the general Jobs  chart for you to print. I have deleted my children’s names for you to add your own.

To make my life easy I laminated each chart and bought whiteboard makers for the kids to use to colour in the creatures. Once the chart is full I simply wipe it clean!

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