How to Make Tulle Pom Poms

I had a great day today. My girlfriend Silvia came over and we were busy making decorations for our children’s birthday parties. She is having a ballerina party for her daughter and I was preparing for Oscar’s Lego party.

We made tulle pom poms for the ballerina party. Silvia bought a few meters of tulle from Spotlight, it is a little more expensive than using tissue paper but it is the ballerina tutu look she is hoping to create. Plus she will be able to keep them for future parties!

All you need is tulle, scissors and string (we used fishing line)

First step is to cut the tulle into rectangles approx 40cm x 50cm or 30cm x 40cm depending on the size you want. You will need 10 to 15 pieces.

Fold accordion style, with about 3cm folds. This can get a little tricky towards the end. Just hold it firmly.

Tie a piece of ribbon/string into the center of the tulle.

Separate layers, pulling away from center one at a time. Just fluff and puff until you get the look you’re wanting. You may like to trim the corners to get a rounder look.

Just Gorgeous!

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