Layla the Queen of Craft!

Well as it turns out Layla seems to be following in my footsteps when it comes to anything creative and crafty. She loves play dough, college, painting, making cards and very basic scrapbooking (photo college). We have a craft/writing-table set up in our main living area as our playroom floor is carpeted.  So as you can imagine it often looks like a bomb has hit the area once Layla has got her craft on. I was finding that there were too many bits and pieces and a lot of mess.

So I was on a mission. I was chatting to my girlfriend and her daughter is very much into craft and she found this amazing plastic storage container at Bunnings for around $10. Problem solved! Off we went to Bunnings and Layla loves that she can decorate the box too!

Here is the first box we were using.



Here is what it looks like now!


5 thoughts on “Layla the Queen of Craft!

  1. Oh wow I want one. My daughter is the same way. I don’t have a buntings around me so I will be looking at the container store for something like that!!!

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