Sticky Date Cakes Recipe

Yummy, one of my favourites. I made them today to take to a friend’s house. They were delicious!

Individual Sticky Date Cakes

Recipe from Home Food

270g (1 1/2 cups) pitted dates, chopped

1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

150g unsalted butter, chopped

185g (1 1/2 cups) Self raising flour

265g brown sugar

2 eggs, lightly beaten

2 tablespoons golden syrup

185ml (3/4 cup) cream

Preheat the oven to 180c. Grease muffin tin. put dates and 250ml (1 cup) water in saucepan, bring to the boil, then remove from the heat and stir in bicarbonate of soda. add 60g (1/4 cup)of the butter and stir untill melted.

sift the flour into a large bowl, then stir in 135g (1/2 cup) of the sugar. make a well in the centre, add the date mixture and egg and stir until combined. evenly divide the mixture among muffin holes and bake for 20mins, or until a skewer comes out clean when inserted into the centre.

to make the sauce, put the  golden syrup, cream, the remaining butter (90g) and sugar (140g) in a small saucepan and stir over low heat for about 4 mins, or until the sugar has dissolved. bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer, stirring occasionally, for 2 mins.

to serve, put the warm cakes onto serving plates, pierce a few times with a skewer and drizzle over the sauce. serve with ice cream, if desired.


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