Kids Birthday Cakes from the Past!

Here are a collection of birthday cakes  I have made for my kids over the years.  I would like to say that not all of them were easy but as the years have gone by I am getting the hang of it.

Oscar’s 1st birthday cake – Oscar the Grouch

  Layla 1st birthday cake – Butterfly

Molly’s 1st birthday cake –  Hoot Hoot Owl

Oscar’s 2nd Birthday – Wiggles Car (This cake was a nightmare to make!)

Layla’s 2nd birthday cake – Princess Barbie

Molly’s 2nd birthday cake – Cupcake

Oscar’s 3rd birthday cake – Buzz Lightyear

Layla’s 3rd birthday cake – Fairy Toadstool (It was a hot day and the icing was melting)

Oscar’s 4th birthday cake – Thomas the Tank Engine

Layla’s 4th birthday cake – Barbie

Oscar 5th birthday cake – Ironman

Oscar 6th birthday cake – Rocket!


Upcoming cakes are a lego cake and a mermaid cake!

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