Layla’s Doll ‘Daisy’

Today Layla got her beloved ‘Daisy’ back. ‘Daisy’ was given to her by my mum when she was born. Lucky the same woolen doll came in two sizes. Layla always prefered the bigger one, ‘Mumma Daisy’. As Layla is nearly 5 years old Daisy has had many casualties and after many attempts of trying to stitch up, her many holes ‘Mumma Daisy’ was literally falling apart. I don’t know who was more upset me or Layla.

So I know I have done many types of crafts but knitting was one that I can say I’ve never tried. I started to ask around and one of the Nanna’s from school offered to knit a jumper for her. Well we got ‘Mumma Daisy’ back today and not only did she knit her a jumper with the matching green heart on it. ‘Mumma Daisy’ also come with new pair of knickers and a blanket for her. I could not thank this Nanna enough.

When Layla saw ‘Mumma Daisy’ she was over the moon. She said ‘Oh look Mum she has knickers and the colour of the blanket matches ‘Daisy’!’

When she crawled into bed tonight she was so excited to place the blanket down and cuddle up to her beloved ‘Daisy’s’. Thanks Nanna Val!!!

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