Flash Back – Space Party

Since beginning this blog I have had a lots of positive feedback. Thanks!

I am really enjoying sharing my ideas and it’s always wonderful to hear that I may have inspired someone out there to do something creative.

I also get asked a lot of questions about organising kids parties. As I have said in the past ‘Birthdays are a big thing in our house!’ so I do spend a far bit of time researching and coming up with lots of ideas for our parties.

I thought it would be nice to share some party ideas I have done in the past for my kids. But as I was not blogging back then I may not have the best photos to illustrate the details and ideas that I used for the party.

Last year Oscar was learning about ‘space’ in pre primary. He was so engrossed in learning about planets, rocket, astronauts and so on it was easy to say his 6th birthday party theme was about ‘Space’.

Here are some photos from Oscar’s 6th Birthday

The invitation I created using Creative Memories Storybook Creator Software

The Cake – I had lots of fun making this cake. Oscar love it!

The desert table! There are a few sweets missing!

Star cookies

Galaxy fairy bread!

I also made space ship cupcakes – an iced cupcake with a gum ball in the centre and a plastic shot glass on top!

 The rockets were the kids party favours. I made the out of paper cups, I cut out wings and made a cone for the top!

Inside we hung up the Solar System. I was very lucky that Oscar’s beautiful teacher let me borrow all the planets of the solar system they had made in their classroom. She also gave us a giant space ship.(unfortunately I don’t have a photo of it)

Great Memories!

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