Mummy and Daughter Day

Today Layla and I spent the day together. It was just the two of us ‘our special day’. Layla planned the whole day and she was so excited that she didn’t have to share me with anyone. Oscar and Molly were with my mum. So here’s how Layla planned ‘our special day’.

Firstly it was a visit to Banana Skins (Children’s Hair Salon) to have her hair cut and styled. By styled I mean ribbons, bows and of course glitter hairspray. She sat there like a princess! Next stop was lunch at Garden City (Local Shopping Centre) we headed to the food hall and she chose KFC for lunch! This is a big treat as we rarely get this type of take away. We caught up with my mum, sister and of course all the kids! She was so excited to show off her hair style to her cousin Charlotte! We left them and went on to our next big treat which was having our nails done. I had a manicure and she got her nails painted. All the ladies fussed over her and she loved it! To top off a great day Garden City had school holiday activities on and she got to make a mask! Perfect!

As life is always so busy I often wonder if we spend enough time with the kids, let alone one-on-one time with each of them. I think it is really important so I have planned to have a ‘special day’ with each of my children every school holidays. So one down two to go!

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