School Holiday Rainy Day Activities

Its School Holiday’s here in Perth. As we are not going away these school holidays I need to have lots of activities planned for those rainy days. I have organised a few play dates and outings but as Molly still has a sleep in the middle of the day I like to keep the older two busy!

Here is a list I have created that doesn’t require a lot of organisation and you can find most items around the home!

Contact collage – tape contact to table with sticky side up and using a variety of college materials children stick it onto contact. No glue No Mess. We place the finished collage onto the window!


Boxes Construction – collect cardboard boxes from food packaging, egg cartons, cardboard tubes, milk bottle tops. I place them in the middle of the playroom and give them a roll of masking tape and let them create! We do this every school holidays and my kids have created castles, garages, houses, ect

Make a letter book – Let the kids hunt through old magazines to find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet.

Make paper bag puppets and have a puppet show!

Make a car track all around your house with masking tape.

Cooking with kids.

Magazine word hunt- let kids go through old magazines and find words they can read. Cut them out and glue them onto a piece of paper.

Pipe cleaner creations

Fruitloop necklaces – threading fruitloops onto string to make necklaces or bracelets.

Post Box – set up a writing table with paper, pencils, envelopes and used stamps. Children can write letters or make cards to send to each other. Use a shoe box to create a post box. Where children can post their letters. At the end of each day open the box and deliver the mail!

Hope this helps! I have also pinned lots of ideas on Pintrest I have created a board called ‘Kids Rainy Day Activities’. If you are looking for cheap college supplies I usually get stuff from $2 shops or Kmart have just brought out a great range of craft supplies. Happy Hoilday’s!!!

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