School Scrapbooking Album

Oscar is in Year One this year. When I attend school events, excursions and assemblies I am one of those mothers who is at the front taking some (ok lots) of photos! I can’t help myself! So this year I have finally started Oscar’s School Album. My plan is to have a quick snapshot of Oscar’s schooling from Pre-Kindy through to Year 12. By the time I’m finished I’m sure I will fill two albums one for Primary School and another for Secondary School. If you’re wondering I will be doing school albums for Layla and Molly too!

So here how I’ve set it out. Each year level will have a similar layout, but of course with different photos and events that happen within that year.


My Cover Page


An overview of each year’s individual school photo.


First Day of School


Few pages of the year’s events


Class Photo


Pocket Page for all memorabilia, certificates, reports, art pieces etc.

All pages have been created by me using Creative Memories products. This is only the start of the Oscar’s school album and I will post more photos as a complete each year level. So keep posted.

6 thoughts on “School Scrapbooking Album

  1. Very nice start to your school years album. I scrapbook it all in the family album. I have learned that the elementary years bring you lots of events but the middle school years do not. I also have a huge age difference in my two kids so my oldest basically has the yearly albums all to himself until his sister was born. How long have you been a creative memories consultant?

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