Chalkboard Paint!

Last week I wrote a post about how we painted (ok Dave painted) our pantry door. Well it got me thinking, I have some left over paint.  Knowing that chalkboard items are all the rage at the moment I decided … Continue reading

Flash Back – Space Party

Since beginning this blog I have had a lots of positive feedback. Thanks! I am really enjoying sharing my ideas and it’s always wonderful to hear that I may have inspired someone out there to do something creative. I also get asked a … Continue reading

July Scrapbooking Workshop

Last night I held my monthly scrapbooking workshop. We get together at my house and at each workshop I provide the ladies with new ideas, crop talks (scrapbooking handouts) and gifts. I have lots Creative Memories products on display that my ladies are welcome to purchase. At … Continue reading

Beach Scrapbooking Page

Yesterday I had great intentions of getting lots of scrapbooking done. With kids home on school holidays I don’t know what I was thinking! Oscar had a friend over and Layla was having a play at a friend’s house. Once … Continue reading