Molly’s Cupcake Party

Molly’s 2nd birthday party was gorgeous. She had a great time with all her cousins and friends and the afternoon was enjoyable. The weather was hit and miss so I was glad that I decided on having it indoors. We are lucky we have a large open living area and all our family and friends fit in quite nicely. The children could go outside in between the sprinkling rain and I had some activities to keep them busy in the alfresco area.

So after lots of preparation here are some photo’s of the party.

Cupcake Liner Door Plaque

Birthday Bunting & Cupcake Pompoms

Cupcake Flowers

Tissue Paper Pompoms

Party Favours

Dessert Table

The Cake

I went a little cupcake crazy! So here are all the different type of cupcake desserts I made…

To keep the kids busy and out of the rain I had a few activities for them.


Chunky Chalk

Pass the parcel (my spin on pass the parcel)

Happy Birthday Molly

I will be posting blogs on how I made the all the decorations.

13 thoughts on “Molly’s Cupcake Party

  1. Oh my goodness Fran you did an amazing job, look forward to reading how you made all the cupcake themed items!! Tissue paper Pom poms looked fantastic !!!
    No wonder you were exhausted on Sunday !!

  2. Looks Amazing i just wanted to jump in the photos’s and take a sweet…it’s like something from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory…well done Fran and a big HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY MOLLY!!!!! xoxoxox

  3. Fran, you are truly amazing….. You can tell all your creations are made with love! The kids are gorgeous and growing up so big xK

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