Party Preparations

On Saturday we are celebrating Molly’s 2nd birthday. As always in my family when it rains it pours and by that I mean I have had the busiest week. I have been to a Tupperware party, a Thermomix party, I worked, Oscar has his class assembly tomorrow and of course the usual extra curricula activities after school! Oh and did I mention I’m organizing Molly’s 2nd birthday party. Aaaaarrrgghhhh!!!!!

We are expecting about 40 adults and 26 children. The weather in Perth has been a little crazy with lots of rain and thunder storms so instead of hosting this party in our backyard, it looks like we will be staying indoors! I have been baking and preparing decorations for the past two weeks and now it’s just the last minute things to do. Tomorrow is going to be a big day Oscar’s assembly, Layla’s dancing lessons and then I will be setting up and preparing food. Wish me luck!

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