Miss Molly is Two Today

My baby is two today. However she is no longer a baby. She is our beautiful Molly Dolly. I can’t believe she is two how time flies. I couldn’t imagine our life without her. Of course we all adore her. Oscar and Layla love her to bits. They are our perfect trio.

Molly is one of a kind she is a chatterbox, very independent, determined, funny and full of personality. Others like to describe her as a ‘mini me’ especially as she has dark curly hair and big brown eyes. She has lots of spunk!

Today Dave and I dropped Oscar and Layla off at school and took Molly out for a baby cino a rare occurrence that she has the two of us to herself. She loved having our full attention and as she sat in the chair sipping her cino. I thought wow where have the past two years gone. I barely remember her as a baby. And here she is today sitting across from me having a mini conversation. She loved it and so did we.

Happy Birthday Molly

We love you to the moon and back!

2 thoughts on “Miss Molly is Two Today

  1. Molly is such a mini version of you! She’s sooo cute… love the personality! Happy Birthday Miss Molly, gorgeous girl! xx

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