The Organised Mummy

Yesterday I went back to my life before kids. I was a relief teacher at the school I taught at many years ago. As I sat reading the lessons for the day, I drifted off wondering did Oscar pack his homework folder and did I put a piece of fruit in Layla’s bag. Luckily the answers were ‘yes’. In order for me to get to work for 8.30 in the morning a lot of organisation needs to happen. Not only do I need to find a babysitter for Molly and arrange drop off and pick up to and from school for Oscar and Layla. I need to get three kids as well as myself ready before 8am. AARRGH!

So this is how I manage to get out the door at that time of the morning.

The night before, I make lunches for Oscar and Layla, pack school bags & Molly’s bag and put out the kids clothes and shoes.

Our morning routine is already established. Dave and I have worked out a great routine that works perfectly for us. We both get out of bed at the same time. I get ready for the day (shower, dressed & makeup) while Dave gives the kids breakfast. Then we swap, Dave gets ready and I get the children dressed, hair done and shoes on.

Since Oscar started full time schooling I created a morning routine chart for him. This allows me to help the girls get ready and he can check and tick the chart so he knows what needs to be done. It also encourages Oscar to be more independent.

Most mornings I manage to have my breakfast and have a cup of tea before we need to leave. So I believe there is something to say about being organised.

I have attached a copy of my ‘Morning Routine‘ chart. Feel free to download and print a copy for your family. I have laminated my chart and Oscar uses a white board marker to tick the chart. At the end of the week I wipe it clean!

Let me know if this works for you!

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