Scrapbooking for Holiday’s

Yesterday I had a day at home with the girls. For some strange reason the washing was up to date and the house was semi tidy! So I set the girls up with a dolly tea party outside and I went inside to do some scrapbooking. I did get interrupted a few times but I managed to do some pages of our camping trip we took last year. (Yes, I’m a year behind in my family album!)

So here they are…

I used Discover papers and Enchanted ABC lettering from Creative Memories.

Here’s how I created my pages…

Cut four strips of paper at 2 ½” and adhere at top and bottom of the pages. For tents – Cut a strip of paper at 2”. Use the rotary trimmer place the strip on the angled line of 30 degrees, cut paper to create a triangle shape. Use all-purpose scissors make a small cut in the centre of the base of the triangle. Fold the paper back to create the opening of the tent. Adhere tents to the bottom strip of paper. Adhere photos. Adhere title.

This idea was used for the next few pages of my family album. When we go away on a holiday I like to repeat the same idea throughout the pages to create continuity through the photos and experiences we had on that holiday. Sometimes I may do three double pages and for longer holidays I may use six or seven pages.

This particular camping trip we went away for a long weekend. Each double page was created by the theme/experience rather than each day. For example, the first page ‘Camping’ had photos at our campsite. The second ‘Beachlands’ were photos of the caravan park we stayed at. The last page ‘Busselton’ are photos of the activities we did in Busselton. Each holiday lends to different ways you may create your pages – it could be a day to day recount, a theme of your experiences and activities or sometime it’s just about working with the photos you took on that holiday. There is no right way of doing to as it’s your story that is being told!

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